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Author Topic: Suicide is A GLOBAL Health Epidemic  (Read 514 times)

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Suicide is A GLOBAL Health Epidemic
« on: June 25, 2018, 04:21:01 PM »

yep... follow the money again


It’s time we stop thinking about suicide as individual acts, and begin thinking about the health of the human race

The health of the human race is directly linked to its economic premise. It took way too long to for this grim assessment to make the headlines of a site such as, but now that is just another fact right in our faces.

The humans were given the dominion over nature to precisely have the choice to escape animal predatory behaviors, but by choosing to behave like animals we have allowed our very choice to become “our curse”… our species is now in self-destruction mode.

Money will never – ever, never — make the world go round, it was always meant to take us here, where we are today, down that very path. Why? Simply because people cannot help themselves but follow the money. It is because we follow the money that corporations have ultimately grown around us. Money and power are inherent bedfellows.

Remember the metaphor of Jesus’ Temptation in the desert? The devil offered him anything he could ever have wanted, and Jesus always answered “no thanks”. Money (when used for profit seeking) twists all minds and destroys integrity, sooner or later. It just is a matter of time.

Think about it: because of money, we cannot even speak our hearts or we lose our jobs. It has always been so, so HOW could we ever expect transparency to win over. Forget about it.

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