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Author Topic: 'Shady Bosses' Stealing $15 Billion in Wages from Low-Income Workers  (Read 394 times)


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there is no way to teach ethics, when the whole system wants you to go after money or be left behind

when people chase money, conflicts of interest become paradoxical and pathological, because money is the ultimate darwinian weapon when not understanding the stakes


Minimum Wage Not Working, 'Shady Bosses' Stealing $15 Billion in Wages from Low-Income Workers

Here is an excellent investigation explaining why minimum  wages are not working and the lower class getting poorer as time goes, which consolidates social ghetto-like  stratification and creating even more racism. Should the minimum wages become strictly enforced, it will only make the matter worse and accelerate the automation of society... so either or, there is a massive tidal wave approaching.

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