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Author Topic: Mainstream Science Quietly Confesses That It Must Rethink The Entire Universe  (Read 51 times)

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When the bible speaks of God as Light, in fact it means Electricity

Academia just flushed down the toilet what has been taken for at least the last 100 years… It is generally how the academia works… gradually making a theory irrelevant, then coming up with new possibilities and after a while imposing a new model. Think of all those college degrees that just got nullified and made useless. However, the EU – Electric Universe – theory does not endorse dark matter/energy… so now the door is open for the EU theory to have a say and gain attention. Walter Russell was ahead of his time, along with Tesla, when he penned The Electric Nature of the Universe. All the YT video by Robert Ottey and Matt Presti, who are both Russellian, are highly recommended. The vid below shows a glimpse of what is really happening here in the real Universe as opposed to the set of absurd models and theories parroted by the well managed geeks of quackademia.

lets debate the videos mentioned on our latest blog:
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Mainstream academia acknowledging that most of what it teaches is WRONG ???

I am shocked!!!  8)
If man was given the dominion over Nature it is precisely to find an escape from Darwinism.