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Author Topic: Silent Assmilation: What If The Aliens We Are Looking For Are AI?  (Read 214 times)

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if you are not famliar with the topic, all videos in this blog are a must watch to understand the stakes

The Future Is Now: The Silent Assimilation... What If The Aliens We Are Looking For Are AI?

    Humanity no longer needs God but may with the help of artificial  intelligence develop a new form of collective consciousness that  fulfills the role of religion, author Dan Brown has said...  We will start to find our spiritual experiences through our  interconnections with each other,' he said, forecasting the emergence of  'some form of global consciousness that we perceive and that becomes  our divine'.

It is kind of surprising to hear Dan Brown says this as he has always been into 'conspiracy theories and facts', which abound in all previous books of his. Such a deep rabbit hole considering AI calls for the unthinkable: that humans are not intellectually behind the creation of the first computers but got this technology from extra-terrestrials and are still given information as how to 'enhance' it. Nothing is like what it seems.

Silent Assimilation: Black Goo, Supramolecular Scale And 4D Printed Programmable Materials
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Re: Silent Assmilation: What If The Aliens We Are Looking For Are AI?
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2017, 02:20:00 PM »

Just wanted to point out that Child AI will soon become a common occurrence. Interesting column. Its very long, this is just a short highlight.

AI Building AI: Programmed Parameters vs. Autonomous and Adaptable Systems

The issue is stake is how much “freedom” we give AI. By that I mean this: those pushing the technological agenda boast that AI is qualitatively different to any machines of the past, because AI is autonomous and adaptable, meaning it can “think” for itself, learn from its mistakes and alter its behavior accordingly. This makes AI more formidable and at the same time far more dangerous, because then we lose the ability to predict how it will act. It begins to write its own algorithms in ways we don’t comprehend based on its supposed “self-corrective” ability, and pretty soon we have no way to know what it will do.

Now, what if such an autonomous and adaptable AI is given the leeway to create a child AI which has the same parameters? Humanity is then one step further removed from the creation. Yes, we can program the first AI to only design children AIs within certain parameters, but can we ultimately control that process and ensure the biases are not handed down, given that we are programming AI in the first place to be more human-like and learn from its mistakes?


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Re: Silent Assmilation: What If The Aliens We Are Looking For Are AI?
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2018, 06:41:10 PM »

For inquiring minds. I found it highly interesting. This leak project guy is a fav of mine :)

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