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Author Topic: How Many Millions More People Will Have to Die Of Starvation Before We Get It?  (Read 746 times)

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the wealth phenomenon appears for what it really IS
The world needs to comprehend that wealth cannot be created nor destroyed... it merely changes hands. This Truth is of a metaphysical nature. Just like the Universe, which is always in a perfect equilibrium.
No Monetary System Can Match The Generosity Of Earth!


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Comparisons are vain and futile.... see and wait how EU/USA will be looking like after the mother of all crashes. Infrastructure is on the brink of a slow motion collapse in america, tab water is poisoned, EU taken donw by soros' human smugglers... etc. etc...

if what defines "shithole countries" comes down to a mere credit issue (financial power being determined by how far into the credit black hole one is allowed to go), then one sense of value is really distorted.

Trump is soooo lame, he is just string up the pot again for more divide and conquer to keep america distracted from its own slow motion demise.

It is like people getting bullish about bitcoin while 80% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Thanks to the pervasive supremacy mindset, which got us glancing into the precipice.

Why are most "shithole countries" sitting on huge natural resources... follow the money. Darwin at its finest, now coming back home to roost

Trump complains about allowing immigrants from 'shithole' countries
If man was given the dominion over Nature it is precisely to find an escape from Darwinism.