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Author Topic: A Money-free Society To Resolve The Automation Headache  (Read 853 times)

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A Money-free Society To Resolve The Automation Headache
« on: February 22, 2017, 03:29:26 PM »

a thread to discuss money as a time device...


The essential intellectual trait Earth Custodians all share is the comprehension that money is mainly a time device. And that the *powers that be* can only control society by using time driven incentives — whatever apprehension about the future. And because time has an elusive component and varies depending on the education, the only way to slow down competition is to control the ‘time’. Distractions often make one lose sight of time and also waste one’s time while making people believe they are in control of the timing of their own lives. For example, after WW2, we were led to believe that social security would be there in time to take over. Today driving cars give the impression that rushing allows us to do a lot more. But what for in the end? To rely on some ‘universal basic income’? From birth to death, all what the system does is to keep us into a frantic consumerist mode under the guise to make life easier so we can enjoy more time off. In our physical dimension, life itself is time. Every day reminds us that our days are counted to start with. And materialism makes it even more so. And what if it were all wrong? The more we look at it for an answer, the more question marks begin to appear on the horizon.

If this makes sense to you, you are ready for ‘mindset transitioning’. Knowledge also accelerates time but equally demonstrates that everything is a zero-sum game. We do a lot more today in one hour time than 50 years ago. Mainly because society is now entirely computerized. Even spreading the aims of the Earth Custodians requires the use of time as a devise to let the world know about the Movement. Because now, more than ever, time is about to run out. Money-free or basic universal income? In  a nutshell, the Earth Custodians Movement seeks to embody the struggle to overcome time as a tool for social control.

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