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SMF - Just Installed!

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 on: June 22, 2017, 09:05:34 PM 
Started by Thinking4me - Last post by Thinking4me
this one is more soft toned, for people who do not like hearing the truth too brutally

The trap of materialism
UK-Channel 5

 on: June 22, 2017, 08:52:06 PM 
Started by Thinking4me - Last post by pennilessgal

Global Monetary System Has Devalued 47% Over The Last 10 Years

just googled up and found the article.... astounding. No wonder I spend 30-50% more on shopping .

here is another one that I highly recommend:
the high price of materialism

 on: June 22, 2017, 08:45:33 PM 
Started by Thinking4me - Last post by EC Founder
materialism can only survive with the admiration of meritocracy as a norm, and meritocrats can get away with a slap on the wrists, if not most anything.

Global Monetary System Has Devalued 47% Over The Last 10 Years

 on: June 22, 2017, 08:36:31 PM 
Started by Thinking4me - Last post by Thinking4me
this woman does a very good job at summarizing a mood in 9mins. do not hesitate to share it with your friends and relatives. I am always broke, but I am betting on Celine's blueprint  to rescue me... right, Celine? Just kidding.

Get Out Of The Materialism Trap NOW

please tell us how you manage to keep materialism in check or checkmate ;D

 on: June 22, 2017, 08:14:47 PM 
Started by pennilessgal - Last post by pennilessgal
every now and then he still makes sense: he speaks like an Earth Custodians --> extreme AI and cyborgs have to go, where they came from in the first place
Hawking: We need to go to other worlds, Earth becoming too small for us
Published time: 21 Jun, 2017 09:19

 Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has warned yet again that humans should leave Earth and explore other planets to avoid doomsday.

Speaking at the Starmus Science Festival in Trondheim, Norway, Stephen Hawking stressed the necessity of one day leaving the planet due to climate change and dwindling resources.

“I am convinced that humans need to leave earth. The Earth is becoming too small for us, our physical resources are being drained at an alarming rate,” Hawking said, as cited by British media, adding that there is no more space on Earth to overcome a new crisis.

“When we have reached similar crisis in our history there has usually been somewhere else to colonize. Columbus did it in 1492 when he discovered the new world. But now there is no new world. No Eutopia around the corner. We are running out of space and the only places to go to are other worlds,” he stated.


 on: June 22, 2017, 03:13:36 PM 
Started by EC Founder - Last post by EC Founder
indeed, what is IT?.... attention spoiler alert: INTEGRITY...

Manyly P Hall, is the only humanitarian freemason who may have helped the knowledge UNcorrupted propagate. These videos describe the consequences of a self unaligned with the Divine, and Natural Law.

Manly P. Hall - What Is the Unforgivable Sin

I also recommend

Manly P. Hall - Anger - Its Cause and Cure

Manly P. Hall - Be Your Own Psychotherapist

 on: June 22, 2017, 02:56:19 PM 
Started by pennilessgal - Last post by EC Founder
yes, I will very soon Pennilessgal... I completely agree that EC must stand out and show that the merging of spirituality and materialism is a Natural Law onto itself. That Matter and Spirit are same: indeed the temptation to use it to CON people is certainly huge because the average people cannot wrap their minds around such an Idea. Though the more are able to, the less evil in the world.

(Mind) control stems from a metaphysical divide operating within, that is why the any form of power laughs all the way long when we fight among each others because most will not see where the divide originated from. But it is all there: God is within. Evil is separation.

whoever runs the scam is UNimportant, it is in every belief system.

 on: June 22, 2017, 02:51:41 PM 
Started by pennilessgal - Last post by Thinking4me
yes, I have noticed that Zeitgeist wants to distance itself from any metaphysical or spiritual label, and rather seems atheistic. But nowhere have I read that followers must be atheists to support the movement. I personally do not mind as long as goals converge.

 on: June 22, 2017, 02:44:10 PM 
Started by Thinking4me - Last post by Thinking4me
This thread will demonstrate the stupidity of 'the sky is the limit' in terms of profits
Appetite for Destruction: Eating Bluefin Tuna Into Extinction

New Study Says 100 Million Sharks Killed Annually  ... for their fins mainly... yep, the sky is the limit!! And guess what: female sharks dont reproduce before 10 years of age or more and the pregnancy is as long as that of dolphins... at this space sharks will just become another endangered species. On a more positive note we may assume that the rest of the shark is sold as "tuna fish for cats"

in another lecture that I am watching the guy says that climate change is often pointed as a culprit endangering coral reefs but as a matter of fact it is overfishing around and inside the reefs that is the real cause.

I am hearing about the next multi billion scam: Krill-omega3, sure "got milk" is no longer working that well anymore (krill is not yet endangered)


Diet is FAR MORE Than "Personal Choice"
The Alaska Pollock has been said to be “the largest remaining source of palatable fish in the world.  More than 3 million tons of Alaska Pollock are caught each year in the North Pacific from Alaska to northern Japan. Alaska Pollock catches from U.S. fisheries have been quite consistent at about 1.5 million tons a year, almost all of it from the Bering Sea. Information on the current stock status for Alaska ground fish is updated annually whereas the specific 2007 Pollock assessment is also available. The Alaska Pollock landings are the largest of any single fish species in the U.S. However, in each of the last three years, the pollock population has declined; in 2008, it fell 38 percent and scientists now believe that the 2008 Pollock catch will be the lowest in 30 years.

WOW... an eye opener... Some 500 million pounds of marine life are wasted in this way in the North Pacific every year for the sake of pollock fishing.

The decline and fall of America's last great fishery
Jeffrey St. Clair (editor of CounterPunch)
13th May 2014

fish farms  have the same problems as factory farms, the use of antibiotics is widespread, china is the biggest exporter of farm raised fish... aint it scary?

we not only are destroying marine life but poisoning ourselves

it is the regulations stupid: fishing boats cannot keep the fish for which they have no quota, and since the waste is huuuuge, it is all going back into the ocean DEAD. And if it is the targeted species, it must have a certain size (too small too young) or it gets wasted too. Then we have the fisheries discarding (dead) fish that is not big enough, hence not lucrative  ... overfishing... discarding... overfishing... discarding... until there is no fish left?

and then we have the scientists asserting that the quotas and their studies arent matching. Fishing lobbies will do everything to overturn any study suggesting that quotas must be lowered down

interesting doc highlighting absurd policies... and follows big money.... another too big to fail scheme. Only a drastic action at the consumer level will work. And this is largely caused by technology and the profit making mentality, fiat money is only the instrument, the tool, to achieve this. Only the Mind can control the zero-sum game. Money alone... well we see the results!

as above (on earth) so below (in the ocean) proven an absolute truth. We are killing the ecosystem and committing suicide. 2nd half about fish farms... medication for fish is highly controlled. Yeah... and farm waste isn't regulated much either.

 on: June 22, 2017, 02:27:45 PM 
Started by Thinking4me - Last post by Thinking4me
I was listening to the video below earlier and obviously the only way to prevent mindless scientists to follow their paychecks is to get rid of it as soon as a majority gets it.

Oopsies: Gene Editing Now Admittedly Causes Hundreds of Mutations

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