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SMF - Just Installed!

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 on: April 30, 2018, 12:06:51 PM 
Started by EC Founder - Last post by Thinking4me
most people do not want to question that as induced materialism gives them something to hold on to... until it is time to reunite with The Source... but something does not add up, why lying t oneself all this time?

 on: April 30, 2018, 11:59:33 AM 
Started by Thinking4me - Last post by Thinking4me
well articulated Max... of course how could have humans with a 70 or less IQ find out about how to melt metals (iron and bronze) in the first place... just as for 1 and 0 making data encryption and computers possible... masses take these discoveries for granted... or even evolution, relying on the faith in the "missing link" is really taking us for a ride.... u-ummm...

3 thumbs up!!! Humanity's induced amnesia is a major cause of violence

 on: April 30, 2018, 08:42:01 AM 
Started by EC Founder - Last post by pennilessgal
the world we live in is completely surreal...

what struck me in the presentation is the price of the bluefin tuna, this is beyond disgusting... as RARER they become, the more expensive they become for the sake of the sushi industry!!!

Sushi eaters pushing Pacific bluefin tuna to brink of extinction
The never-ending demand for Pacific bluefin tuna among sushi lovers is driving the iconic fish towards extinction, a conservation group said.... MORE

A bluefin tuna sells for record $1.76M in Tokyo (2013)
In the year's first auction at Tokyo's sprawling Tsukiji fish market, a 489-pound tuna caught off northeastern Japan sold for 155.4 million yen, said Ryoji Yagi, a market official.

Bluefin tuna sold for $320,000 in Tsukiji's last new year
AP NEW JAN 04, 2018
An 892 pound (405 kilogram) bluefin tuna has sold for 36.5 million yen ($320,000) in what may really be Tsukiji market's last auction at its current site in downtown Tokyo, local media reports said Friday.

One Bluefin tuna sells for more than $637,000 at Tokyo New Year's auction , jan 2017
A bluefin tuna was sold on Thursday for 74.2 million yen (over $637,000) in the first auction of the year at the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. The amount paid for the 212-kilogram tuna, which was caught in off Oma in Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan, is about 350,000 yen (some $3,005) per kilo and is the second highest ever at a New Year's auction at Tsukiji market.

 on: April 30, 2018, 08:34:28 AM 
Started by pennilessgal - Last post by pennilessgal
this is a typical example of social manipulation: making people believe that they will have to surrender to machine and fly to whatever planet  to avoid extinction... but the video does not tell what will cause the extinction  nor how many will be augmented humans.... meanwhile masses take it for granted.

What Humans Will Look Like In 1,000 Years

 on: April 30, 2018, 08:12:14 AM 
Started by pennilessgal - Last post by pennilessgal
here we go again, it was all too clear from the start... how obvious... following the money IS the problem, the medium of exchange is secondary... following the money make people shortsighted, they lose their ability to think clearly

Materialism wants to bypass the mind and follow the money instead. So anything people can speculate on becomes enslaving because they have lost their ability to think (mind activity)... hello dystopian society!!!

full blog/compilation

 on: April 30, 2018, 06:42:54 AM 
Started by EC Founder - Last post by EC Founder
How To Become The World's First Trillionaire(s)

Earth Custodians have said this countless of times in previous blogs, and this time again, it is well documented.

Ownership (of Nature) is the centerpiece of centralization. No monetary system will ever match the generosity of Earth — and the idea to own Nature is not only a paradox but a recipe to justify endless plunder and human rights abuse. Capitalism is based on ownership rights to start with and centralization uses that very premise to consolidate power in the hands of the very few. We cannot have it both ways.

full blog

 on: April 30, 2018, 06:38:06 AM 
Started by EC Founder - Last post by EC Founder
On The Supranatural, Materialism -- And The Spontaneous Order
Life has always been a supranatural phenomenon and money makes people try to elude (or forget) this, because when thinking of its supranatural aspect, most feel vain and lost, so they cling on the material aspects rather than questioning their life's purposes and the supranatural origins of Reality. Hence the success of atheism: fear. Materialism is atheism

full blog

 on: April 30, 2018, 06:33:42 AM 
Started by EC Founder - Last post by EC Founder
another harsh hitting truth... shopping healthy is supporting eugenics...  too bad for you because you do not have the money or missing the awareness???

The Materialist Delusion: Paying More For Better Food Quality Is ANTI-HUMAN RIGHTS
Many people find it “normal” to pay more for quality foods and call this the evidence of market forces. Quality is more valuable… really? What do the human rights stand for in the end? What are doing the World Health Organization and the UN to protect society against the junk sold to supermarkets? Or is it just a circus like many others plaguing the planet?

 on: April 30, 2018, 06:24:49 AM 
Started by EC Founder - Last post by EC Founder
this has been posted in 2 different threads because the issues are huge


 on: April 28, 2018, 07:00:43 PM 
Started by EC Founder - Last post by EC Founder
our film editing skills are definitely getting better on top of that


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