Voluntaryism' Is A Philosophical Axiom

When scrutinizing the AI trend, it is rather blatant that we are groomed to accept the inevitable, that we must merge with machines for our own sake. Voluntaryism calls this coercion. Yet many people regard it as the smartest option while not realizing that they will have to submit to permanent mass surveillance embodied by The Internet Of Things and rely on a brain-computer interface to be governed by AI. Voluntaryism calls this utter coercion. Moreover and this is mind boggling: how can so many assume that moving through this technological transition, will generate freedom, considering that economics and science are the most questionable departments of society? The Earth Custodians blog has established this fact beyond doubt.

Those aspiring to technological immortality, swearing by the word 'evolution', are already beginning to deem as inferior any skeptics looking for long-term answers and restlessly questioning the scientists behind AI, since the latter never voice any concern about the feudalistic world structure in place since eons. The planet so far, has only known much of the same and with the expansion of knowledge, traps only have become more destructive. Yet those calling for 'caution' are seen as inhabited by fear and rejecting 'evolution'.

As long as there will be social trends manipulating the crowds, voluntaryism will remain a word making some dream of the impossible. Voluntaryism is not anarchism, because the latter still promotes capitalism. Voluntaryists beg to differ as they regard monetarism as extremely coercive. The flaw being embedded in the premise itself. Today the level of coercion is quite astounding but crowds are so used to it that it is accepted as the norm.

In a voluntaryist society, trends for sure would exist but they are never presented as competitive nor coercive by any stretch. Most likely, people would spontaneously segregate themselves intellectually or/and spiritually, but that wouldn't have any social consequences as a vast majority would agree on the premise that coercion and disrespect for Life invites chaos. In this sense Voluntarysim is a philosophical axiom.

Blueprint For A Voluntary And Futuristic Society, Man As Earth Custodian
By B.C Kayser

Blueprint... is a work elaborating on a set of guidelines to help make sense of the world's confusion. Why scientific research and psychology have to progress according to specific natural principles to avoid the pitfall of profiting from conflicts of interest and to imprison the thinking mode.

What are these Principles? They're forces simultaneously at play that humans cannot alter, therefore are they said immutable. There are 7 of them (often referred as the centuries-old foundation of Hermeticism) and which today are scientifically established as they identify and define the forces at play emanating from Electricity. The Electric Universe Theory is currently reshuffling Physics in a great way and is heavily documented on youtube. These principles also reveal Thought as a mechanism having electric properties because information circulates between neurons in the form of electricity.

Here below are their brief cognitive interpretations and why 'caring' about their influence is also 'caring' about planet and humanity. Blueprint... is thus a work helping reshape the mind patterns according to them.

1) The Mind generates everything: sets everything into motion. Holistic thinking thus starts with the awareness of the power of our thoughts and projections.

2) Life translated into motion: everything spins and vibrates. The spoken language is frequency, determines humans' thinking as wavelengths and literally can spin out of control if there is a lack of access to data, all of which also determines agreements or lack thereof.

3) Life if subjected to rhythm: what goes up must go down, what comes around goes around. What is neglected or ignored comes back like a boomerang. It amplifies either negativeness or positiveness, exponentially.

4) Life sustains polarities at all levels, there is a negative dot in the positive and positive dot in the negative. Personal choices thus reflect on experiences, level of knowledge and therefore are all perceptions of any given moment. Hence the imperative need to remain centered at all time in order to avoid the pitfalls of any polarized (divide and conquer) arguments and an inner fragmentation generating confusion.

5) Everything is a mirror of something, and called correspondence, which exponentially amplifies polarity levels and the princinple of rhythm, either positively or negatively. External dissonance mirrors internal dissonace, and otherwise.

6) Everything is the result of genders, masculine contains some feminine traits and otherwise. Humans have a left brain hemisphere (masculine) and a right brain hemisphere (feminine) and are thus prone to gender control by 'group thinks' defining norms.

7) Everything is cause and effect. Or Karma. In a nutshell, any train of thoughts not sustained nor validated by personal responsibility brings about upheavals and will exponentially strengthen either negativeness, or positiveness.

The main challenge of a money-free future thus lies in the ability to accept their pre-existence. Man didn't create them. Although the latter belong to the realm of physics, they also represent the forces of creation all together. In a nutshell, such an implication is behind the choice of our slogan is: Life first, its Wholeness and Oneness!

The word 'metaphilosophy' is preferred over 'philosophy' to distance itself from mainstream academia which hasn't done anything to prevent our unprecedented crisis. Well, and nor did sciences. Both fields must be entirely reassessed. Very few thinkers have tackled the core issue, they remain an absolute minority. However, 'metaphilosophy' merely means beyond philosophy, the philosophy of philosophy. And as we can see today, the realistic assessment that any train of thought not condoning 'Life First, it's Wholeness and Oneness!' is entirely validated by the daily planetary aggression, on a physical and psychic levels alike.

We live in a world where everything works in reverse because existential values have monetized conflicts of interest to no end. Since values are inverted finding ourselves back on the right path requires first a burning desire to see this earthly onslaught come to an end. It is only when the understanding of the crisis endorses the 'greater picture' that we allow Holistic Thinking to set in and come to the rescue. The 'ace in the hole' is that 'knowing' binds all the principles for a greater of all good and will considerably smooth out any turbulence inherent to the transition.

The arguments in favor of a money-free society doesn't require any PhD far to the contrary, but an access to vital information giving a full scope of the damage investigated, and the ensuing conclusion that responsibility is now which of each individual. Embracing the premise of a money-free planet has nothing to do with 'beliefs' at all but Knowledge.

Blueprint... calls for the adoption of a different way of thinking to promote conflict resolutions. Different but not new, because such concepts were already debated two thousands years ago: they are keys to grasp the unhealthy mechanics driving people's need for power structures, and as how to overcome them as well. Much more importantly, The Earth Custodians Movement hasn't any transhumanist - nor posthumanist - affiliation at all. It is designed for and by individuals wishing to remain humans (not A.I nor extremely augmented, accepting death as a life cycle) but also foreseeing the need for new ethical guidelines addressing these trends.

Highlights of the content currently being developed. The online release of this short book (50 pages) may be expected some time in the 2nd half of 2019. Blueprint... will remain a free online version accessible to all. We will welcome volunteering translators in due time. But please email us if you are interested in translating this book in your own native language.

Owning Earth, The Most Destructive Paradigm:
When man thinks Earth belongs to him, that presupposes and comprises all life living on Her. Owning earth implies that anything must sell - including death. This chapter examines Earth's Nurturing Principle encompassing any materialistic pursuit.

The Real Human Nature:
In order to determine what the 'human nature' entails, 'human conditioning' has first to be assessed. This chapter explores the double-edged sword of 'group thinks' and academic criteria. '

The Downfall Of Darwinism:
Man is just not an animal because of his ability to conceive the Universe and the purpose of the Act of Creation if he really wants to - It is a choice that animals will never have. This chapter delves into the dire consequences of human competition and its ancient roots.

The Inevitable Paradigm Shift Upon Us:
On a human scale, any form of competition is generally hazardous to Life, voids collaboration, humanitarianism and any social programs as well. The end of socialism and capitalism are nearing and non-coercive cooperativism, voluntarism, has to take over.

The Infinite Boundaries of Free Will:
The only Free Will that exists is 'to notice or not' and defined by each individual's perceptions, which always rely on the data processed at the time of the inquiry. This chapter attempts to summarize the meaning of Reality.

How Much Materialism Is Good?:
Materialism is good as long as competition is regarded as inimical and detrimental to the human species. Materialism only becomes immoral when used to buy 'time or favors' at the expense of others. This chapter explains why first going down the path of materialism was ineluctable in order to discover the ramifications of everything.

The Inevitable Monetization of Negative Impacts:
Problems are more profitable and if going down the path of profits, monetarism will amplify the latter. Arms races illustrate this pretty well, and the same holds true at every level. This chapter describes the flaws embedded in any monetarist theory.

The Trap of Fixed Wages In A Cashless Society:
By removing cash from circulation, and since the world leverage is clearly out of control, the flow of electronic currencies will be directly subjected to whatever imposed austerity measures. This chapter makes the case of a money-free society as opposed to a cashless one.

Spiraling Down The Path Of Coercion vs Voluntarism:
When Voluntarism motivates a society problems can be addressed rightfully. Coercion is a byproduct of competition, which is now pushing our civilization toward the edge of a cliff. This chapter focuses on the necessity to follow one's passions to enhance social peace. Moreover society is headed for a jobless future, and humans have to welcome automation for a greater good.

No Monetary System Can Match The Generosity Of Earth:
Because earth gives unconditionally, humans must learn to give just as Nature gives. Giving is a Natural Law, which means an absolute difficult to attain but always represents irrefutable life lessons.

Robotics, A.I And The Future Of Humanity:
Life is about choices. And the choice of delaying death is upon societies. Centuries of life span does *not* resolve challenges, far to the contrary. The stakes just grow bigger. Cyborgs' departure maybe the only wise and rational option. Society must birth a new paradigm that allows that second option instead of embarking on the path of a new fundamentalism. Earth is neither a realm for cyborgs nor extreme A.I.

The Metaphilosophy and Metaphysics Of the Earth Custodians:
The importance of recognizing the existence of immutable principles scientifically proven and inherent to The Physics of Light or Electricity. The Electric Universe Theory has established that we all are - and that everything is - connected.

“The time has come in the history of man's journey from his material jungle to his spiritual mountain top when it is imperative that he must live more and more in the cosmic Light universe of knowing, and less in the electric wave universe of sensing -- Walter Russelll.”