Wells Fargo fined $1 billion for insurance and mortgage abuses [CNN Money] (04/2018)

Robots interviewing graduates for jobs at top city firms as students practice how to impress AI (04/2018)

Dolphins or LNG Tankers in the Shannon Estuary? The Processing of U.S. Fracked Hydrocarbons in the Republic of Ireland (04/2018)

Why are You Funding the Enemy? (04/2018)

Texas Charter School Asked Students to List ‘Positive Aspects’ of Slavery (04/2018)

Amazon insists its food warehouses are EXEMPT from FDA food safety rules (04/2018)

‘Too expensive’ to delete millions of police mugshots of innocent people, minister claims (04/2018)

Theresa May’s husband’s Investment Firm made a financial killing from the bombing of Syria (04/2018)

Digital addiction is not our fault but a result of the tech industry’s desire to increase corporate profits.’  (04/2018)

Human traffickers ‘using migration crisis’ to force more people into slavery (04/2018)

Asteroid Mining: How To Become The World’s First Trillionaire(s)? (04/2018)

The Canadian Government Is Terrified About What Cannabis Will Do To Their Pal Big Pharma! (04/2018)

World Debt Is Rising Nearly 3 Times As Fast As Total Global Wealth (04/2018)

Elon Musk drafts in humans after robots slow down Tesla Model 3 production  (04/2018)

Each Bitcoin Requires 80,000 Times More Electricity Than A Credit Card Transaction (04/2018)

Chevron Has Avoided Justice for Environmental Crimes in Ecuador and the U.S. — Can Canada Hold It to Account?  (04/2018)

‘SkyNet’ Facial Recognition, Can Compare Three Billion Faces Per Second (03/2018)

Donald Trump Blasts Amazon for Putting Retailers Out of Business (03/2018)

Housing ministers flown out to champagne party in Cannes – at a cost of £100,000 (03/2018)

While Workers Get Crumbs, GOP Tax Scam Analysis Details $25 Billion ‘Bonanza’ for Big Oil (03/2018)

Outrageous’: With $700 Billion for Pentagon, Nearly Half of $1.3 Trillion Budget Headed for More War-Making (03/2018)

The Greatest Concentration of Surveillance and Censorship Power in Known Human History –  David Icke Podcast (03/2018)

China’s threat to fight trade war ‘to the end’ sends Asian markets tumbling after Trump escalates tariffs row (03/2018)

Critique: Bernie Sanders “Inequality in America” Town Hall from 3.19.18, by Peter Joseph – video (03/2018)

China Banning People From Transit for Bad “Social Credit” Scores (03/2018)

EU approves Bayer’s $62.5billion takeover of GMO & pesticide giant Monsanto (03/2017)

Toxic air in the UK is now a “national health emergency” responsible for 40,000 early deaths and £20bn in economic costs each year, MPs have warned (03/2018)

Trump to impose tariffs on up to $60 billion Chinese goods (03.2018)

S&P accused of faking ratings to cultivate business, exacerbating global financial crisis (03/2018)

EPA Wants China To Sell Bee-Killing Pesticide For 165 Million Acres Of US Farmland (03/2018)

Amazon Sets Off To Become America’s Biggest Mortgage Lender (03/2018)

Canadian families stunned by 3,000% increase in price of life-saving drug (03/2018)

Cyber security experts warn that  AI could mimic writing styles and habits of millions of users to launch  devastating scams (03/2018)

Not-so-magic kingdom? Many Disneyland workers poor & homeless, union says (03/2018)

REVEALED: The £9billion extra cost of smart meters that will wipe out all the savings we were told we’d make (02/2018)

Millions of workers face having to pay hundreds of pounds more each year in ‘radical’ new plan to ‘tax the over-40s’  (02/2018)

Coca-Cola and Nestlé to Acquire Private Ownership of the Largest Reserve of Water in South America. Report (02/2018)

Doctors should prescribe more antidepressants for people with mental health problems, study finds (02/2018)

‘Shady Bosses’ Stealing $15 Billion in Wages from Low-Income Workers: Report (02/2018)

Drivers hit by £6million-a-day petrol rip-off: Britain’s biggest supermarkets don’t pass on fuel price cuts  (02/2018)

Fannie Mae Wants Another $3.7 Billion Taxpayer Bailout (02/2018)

Billionaire George Soros pledges another £100,000 to ‘accelerate’ his fight against Brexit (02/2018)

News Corp CEO Admits He Wants Internet Censored So News Corp Can Make More Money (02/2018)

Charities are too obsessed with ‘chasing celebrity patrons’ rather than helping people, warns official regulator (02/2018)

Month After Getting $3.5 Billion Tax Break From Trump, Bank of America Hikes Fees on Poorest Customers (01/2018)

(How about ending global arm sales first?) UN aid agency calls for nearly $3 billion in humanitarian aid for Yemen (01/2018)

Social media alarm over YouTube revenue rule change (01/2018)

The £1bn stealth fee racket: Thought the new ban on credit card surcharges would end rip-offs? Some hope! (01/2018)

Crypto-bloodbath: Major digital currencies suffer huge losses within hours VIDEO (01/2018)

Pay up to be in the single market club: France says City will only get full access if Britain hands over billions to Brussels and accepts EU laws FOREVER (01/2018)

How RBS spent £2.2billion on new high street branches that will NEVER open… and guess what? YOU’RE picking up the bill (01/2018)

Corporate Excuse for Obscene CEO Pay? ‘The Free Market Made Us Do It!’ (01/2018)

France goes after companies for deliberately shortening life of hardware (01/2018)

Donald Trump overturns Obama bans on drilling as he moves to vastly expand US offshore oil (01/2018)

Coca-Cola will sell smaller bottles at higher prices rather than alter famous recipe in response to the sugar tax (01/2018)

(When money regulates free speech) Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook is broken and sets a goal to ‘fix’ fake news, hate and abuse on the site in 2018 in order to help an ‘anxious and divided’ world (01/2018)

Billion people at risk? Indian citizens’ ID data selling for $8 (01/2018)

‘Big food is like big tobacco’: Former McDonald’s advertising exec reveals the tricks food manufacturers use to persuade the public to eat supersized portions that fuel the obesity crisis (01/2018)

Ron Paul: Economic progress under Trump is illusion, crash coming  – video (01/2018)

The Surprising Culprit To Bee Decline That Could Rival Pesticides (01/2018)

‘US industrial giants would rather let workers die than stop using asbestos’ – legal magazine editor (01/2018)

Google moves £14billion into tax haven to cut its bills in arrangement slammed by Sir Vince Cable as ‘galling’ (01/2018)