40% Scientists Say Fraud Causing Crisis of Science — Can Science Be Saved?

40% of Scientists Admit Fraud “Always or Often” Contributes to Irreproducible Research Survey sheds light on the ‘crisis’ rocking research | 25 May 2016

EARTH CUSTODIANS CONCLUSION: Society has a huge problem to resolve on its hands, because the latter has worsened by much over the least 3 or 4 decades especially. This is nothing new. False reports and studies have exponential side-effects, every time they are taken for granted, they create more misleading results, and so on endlessly… more importantly, the fake studies are biasing the mind of many people unable to argue from own perspective (lacking critical thinking or merely data) and  parrot the “experts” when discussing issues.  What usually do TV broadcasts interviewing experts in just anything.

This problem will remain unfixable as long as the Consensus refuses to let go and restart society from scratch. This is just beyond repair, let’s admit it once and for all! In some way the billionaires are right when it comes down to the bottom line, that degrees are useless, but won’t tell you that they are the ones who have helped shape society this way. If you are not familiar with the Earth Custodians Blog, take some time to go through it, and you will be able to asses our dire state of affairs by yourself.

The only scientists worth defending are those opposing academia at this stage.

More evidence that science is crumbling down

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