Humanity Seems Unable To Embrace The Truth About The Unsustainability Of Human Civilization

Nobody can be elected by telling the truth.  Nobody.  Truth is the destroyer of all illusions. And therefore is it  a very difficult and challenging task to spread the truth. The Consensus thinks that society can progress by changing people’s mindset with the injection of half-truths every now and then, but if some of the old mindset  taints any new approaches, the individual will tend to twist the new elements in favor of the old mindset. And this explains why the same problems resurface after a while, making solutions even more elusive and out of reach as time goes by. Hence the explosive and dire prospects brewing silently. 

This is what society as a whole has done for millennia, and the absolute evidence is that its ‘power structure’ has not changed. There is no change possible without any deep life changing event.  The majority will not do a thing until forced by a rude awakening. As a matter of fact, it shouldn’t be that way. We should be able to foresee the problems ahead in any new approach and always choose the least coercive solutions, but societies have been too conditioned to reject any change challenging the norms. 

Very often a majority does not mean that the Consensus is right. If wars were efficient how does it come that warfare still exists after 4 millennia? A society that has not abolished war is a society that hates itself, and in the hands of oligarchs, a Death Cult.  It is truly discombobulation to watch on TV the devastation of war and normalization of sufferings. Just like ancient Romans approving with their ‘thumbs up’ people being thrown alive to the lions and tigers in the arena. Yet we call it democracy! 

Earth Custodians do not really second the solutions presented in the video below but for the rest, Mike Adams says it like it truly is. 

Humanity refuses to accept the consequences of an unsustainable civilization

Truth Is A Destroyer (part 1)

Facts are overwhelming! The list of topics is of course much longer than this, but this is just a start up. This series was created for people to understand that any sugarcoated philosophy and psychology will not address these matters. Far to the contrary as they too often give the impression that the system is fixable as is… while it is clearly not.

The boom of cryptocurrencies operates as a diversion that keeps people’s minds busy with projections that cannot come true as long as we refuses to take action  because of the FEAR that any attempt to resolve such issues will show the deep cracks into the system.

These cracks that are as deep as precipices. Finding our way out of the maze first requires that we dare stand up on our 2 feet, or … ‘nothing’ will change.

Any person calling him/herself a real leader and real media at the service of the people, should be talking of this on a regular basis – if not every day – for example, do you agree?

Actress Blake Lively Gives Emotional Speech On Global Pedophilia Pandemic

 “I didn’t really know what child pornography as,” she told the audience.  “I was afraid to ask what it was, as a mother, because it would be  painful to hear. But I felt I had to ask, and I wanted to share with  you. It is the truth, and I believe if we all knew this, we would  dedicate much more of ourselves to stopping it.” 1,067,687 views