The Love For Humanity VS The Love Of Money And Power… Which One Will Prevail?

The Consensus is that war is a fatality of life, that Nature condemns man to remain an animal and fall prey to immorality because She made him cruel, gullible and greedy. The problem with such  a Consensus is that it breeds a mindset disrespecting life as a whole, and thus immoral. The paramount of this immorality is without a  doubt the ‘business’ of military interventions and  silently watching or supporting them. That immorality springs  from the ignorance of the Cause and Effect, a Natural Law, setting into  motion a dual dynamics that will eventually turn against those  who did nothing — or decided to ignore the issues.  

Holographic Reality being a Natural Law, nobody should  feel safe when allowing the perpetuation of destruction  enforced upon others. As long as humans tolerate the act of war, don’t request the dismantlement of standing armies, it will remain impossible to thrive and begin to reinvent the meaning of societies. 

The Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies exuberance is quickly becoming meaningless in the face of another world war brewing. Even if not one bomb is dropped, the claptrap of surveillance society will then be implemented to sustain the climate of fear and the electronic prison control all our very moves.  If you haven’t read yet the blog titled Decentralization At Odds With A Deadly Paradigm. We Cannot Have It Both Ways!, please do so now because it will help greatly connect more dots and grasp the pitfall of following the money .

Analyzing the phenomenon of war is highly discombobulating because it voids all values attributed to  life, not to mention also questions man’s made laws giving any ruling powers the absolute right over life and death. The legacy of a society motivated by the  ‘art of killing’ leaves the imprints of a Generational PTSD operating as mind control that makes so many feel powerless in the prospect of a war… or used by whatever politician to obtain masses’ consent.

The Love for humanity does not require to hug everybody while continually screaming the word peace out of our lungs but the comprehension that the assimilation of this PTSD marks the beginning of long journey on the path toward self-healing.  In short, saving and loving Humanity starts with the resolution of inner conflicts.