Open Letter Series: Non Competitive Unity To Defeat All Forms Of Control

Anybody well informed on the world issues realizes more and more that the amount of data is accumulating at a pace like unseen before. That the course of events is beginning to look increasingly chaotic. Is this because the armed conflicts are everywhere, the predicted automation takeover is nearing, that the grand plan to use human DNA as hard drive got finally a headline on

Coercion Is Self-Defeating

Any control-driven regulations will always turn out being illusory because the need for control simply knows no boundaries. As soon as one starts controlling, it is impossible to loosen up any rules without completely neutralizing the very regulations established in the first place. This because control requires the exploitation of ‘dualism’ or ‘polarity’ and when control stops, it unravels the same way as falling dominoes because the infinite division of dualism is an perception-illusion. Political salvation is therefore illusory. One does not fight evil with evil. So what we call man-made regulations can only become more invasive and pervasive over time. This is essential to grasp to comprehend the tenets of voluntaryism. Why Earth Custodians will always first evaluate the level of coercion in every matter, and choose the least coercive externally. There will always be some tension because life itself requires perpetual choices. Coercion is essentially characterized by an excess of tensions that prompts following whatever social molds- instead of one’s heart. That is where the line can be drawn.

The duality of power – any coercive regulation – is somewhat mind boggling, though easy to circumvent when aware of it. Mind boggling in the same time because regulations are addictive, as much as for those designing them than those following them. Unless one seeks to engineer a systemic breakdown, coercion never achieves its target, but populations will rather turn to lawmakers for more coercive measures.

There is always an escape from any rule because in every rule is embedded a solution to free oneself from it. Same with lies. Lies systematically cause loopholes. This happens because the Truth stands by itself and is, by definition, indestructible. Easy to go around once it is understood that it is a ‘mind’ issue. And which will rather teach to abandon the idea of controlling others. Blueprint For A Futuristic And Voluntaryist society will expound on that quite deeply.

No human will never accept totalitarianism, unless when not grasping the real aims of power game, which comes in many flavors and sells pretty well. Most still do not comprehend the power game at all, they just long to become part of it because it induces a social seduction. Wealth is assimilated to respect. Would it be a devoted holistic nutritionist earning tons of money saving people’s lives… a stock market player buying low and selling high… investors pouring trillions into the planetary battle against carbon footprints while there wouldn’t be any life without carbon… or even a billionaire throwing most of his wealth into the ambitious project to save oceans from plastic pollution without initiating the abolition of plastic for household and supermarket use in the first place.

Unity Is The Way

The quest for personal enrichment is a trap that has done wonders from the elite perspective, but which relies on two polar-opposite trends to be sustained. The first one represented by a group dreaming of joining the millionairess’ club (the revered fittest) and another one into a self-loathing mode caused by existential bitterness (the despised losers). Both trends shape social control and thus rest on a casino-like perception about life. This very perception tells a lot about the foundations of society that have remained unchanged since ever. Though from an elite perspective money has never been a goal in itself but a tool. And paradoxically, it is the ‘for the love of money’ paradigm that strengthens their power over the masses. It is people’s competition and their craving to amass wealth that fortify the top of the pyramid. The paradox, though fragile, is at the core of our planetary ills. And one only needs to look at the world today to witness this. As soon as one seeks to join the ‘club of the fittest’ and regardless of the aftermath, one also is supplying the counter-trend with more losers. It plays out as the  musical chair.

So What Do We Do From There?

There are many researchers and journalists doing real research and offering quality investigations out there, and despite all that their daily struggle remains obvious. They too need to pay bills and that very fact puts them at odds with the system they courageously expose. At odds because monetarism is divisive as it demands to compete. This means that competition helps sustain the system one would wish to get rid of. Such an environment prevents a better sense of ‘unity’. This competitiveness also may entice to seek some form of financial recognition, and therefore prompt to act as a lone wolf or team up with another site that has already reached the same level of *capitalization*. Most alternative channels do not often publicize another one nor easily credit other alternative analysts, unless the subject is getting too big to handle. Alternative media are too compartmentalized and to overcome this aspect, they should unite as one giant network and share the costs. It surely is easier to say than do but that’s the only way when staring at the core issues.

Independent news channels and radio shows will have to band together at some point because the MSM is united in their goals. There is an ‘Natural Law‘ in the Universe that rewards unity and which has benefited the world elites since ever. Throughout the ages, they have been united in the system takeover while making sure that we remain divided. And this division insidiously operates among alternative news media as well because the desire to become self-sustainable tops the needs for Truth.

The Earth Custodians Movement hopes to overcome the divide and conquer side-effect and that many players will soon recognize the value of a non-profitable and voluntaryist unity. A model based on profits is exactly what the world controllers are fond of because when everything is transparent, there are no real profits to make anymore. As explained in other columns, money and truth do not mix. Unless money is used to get rid of money. This is a paradox embedded in money itself and which is immutable, because the main purpose of life is that of a spiritual, metaphysical, nature. The argument cannot be debunked. We only can buy our freedom from it with it.

The next Open Letter Series will address the business of charity. Stay tuned. And thank you in advance for helping furthering the EC Movement!