A Money-Free Society To Resolve The Automation Headache

We live in a such polarized society that most minds get frozen when it comes down to the handling of the upcoming tidal wave of joblessness and the automation takeover. The vast majority is already begging for the government to step in. And as we will see, the ‘universal basic income’ is not only a fake solution but also the most insidious of all.

There are actually two very noticeable trends. Both of which are even more intrinsically complex than any possible technological threat. Because both are fear driven. The first trend and more importantly is by far is the mere ignorance of the stakes. This category, still oblivious to the storm heading our way, will be the catalyst of the first violent protests. The second trend represents people more informed about the pace of automation but cultivating a fear rooted in emotional materialism — not to mention a possible loss of cultural identity caused by coercive multiculturalist platforms. These two trends are what technocracy feeds upon to implement a cashless ant colony type of society as described in 1984 by George Orwell.

The second group is which the Earth Custodians Movement advertising campaign intents to target. Along with rallying a minority that has already figured it out or has began to ponder the odds for a money-free future. Regardless of the unprecedented generational lack of personal responsibility that led to such dreadful and current world distortions, there is no time left for blame games. Let alone debating the political and psychological mechanisms of self-inflicted harm when giving one’s consent away. We’d discuss the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of our current situation, or speculate on what may or may not happen, endlessly. At the end of the day, it would still not matter. The state of affair would still need to be addressed from a self-responsibility perspective.


The essential intellectual trait Earth Custodians all share is the comprehension that money is mainly a time device. And that the *powers that be* can only control society by using time driven incentives — whatever apprehension about the future. And because time has an elusive component and varies depending on the education, the only way to slow down competition is to control the ‘time’. Distractions often make one lose sight of time and also waste one’s time while making people believe they are in control of the timing of their own lives. For example, after WW2, we were led to believe that social security would be there in time to take over. Today driving cars gives the impression that rushing allows us to do a lot more. But what for in the end? To rely on some ‘universal basic income’? From birth to death, all what the system does is to keep us into a frantic consumerist mode under the guise to make life easier so we can enjoy more time off. In our physical dimension, life itself is time. Every day reminds us that our days are counted to start with. And materialism makes it even more so. And what if it were all wrong? The more we look at it for an answer, the more question marks begin to appear on the horizon.

If this makes sense to you, you are ready for ‘mindset transitioning’. Knowledge also accelerates time but equally demonstrates that everything is a zero-sum game. We do a lot more today in one hour time than 50 years ago. Mainly because society is now entirely computerized. Even spreading the aims of the Earth Custodians requires the use of time as a devise to let the world know about the Movement. Because now, more than ever, time is about to run out. Money-free or basic universal income? In  a nutshell, the Earth Custodians Movement seeks to embody the struggle to overcome time as a tool for social control.

The technocrats knew since the first computer was created that our destiny was about to be altered in a big way and lead to massive unemployment. Populations could have been prepared for the shift 50 years ago and by now, we’d be able to muddle through. Unfortunately, it won’t be the case, unless a majority understand that there is NO way back. There is no way back unless wishing to join a Mormon or Amish community. Money has to go because the speed of knowledge is catching up with that of the liquidity circulating – hence the jobless waves on the horizon.

A money-free society is the only way to circumvent the threats when knowledge is allowed to expand. It has nothing with communism but metaphysics, and must be overcome: or we just stay in “Darwinian mode at our own expenses (the current roadmap). But if Man was given the dominion over nature, it is precisely to avoid predatory behaviors ending up threatening the whole civilization. Darwin is the ultimate deception… the monetary paradigm at some point must and will collapse. And the aftermath depends on our comprehension of what is really going on and the origins of the conflict.

So why are world leaders gearing up for a cashless planet? As a matter of fact, the EU parliament has given robots an absolutely legal ‘electronic personhood status’. That are various reasons for this. The main one is most likely to protect employers, would they want to replace workers as they see fit. So in such an environment, people would completely rely on the government for every of their daily needs. A basic universal income may seem enticing today because the system still offers a few opportunities, but once implemented many will realize the nightmare they’ve signed up for. At some point there will be rationing to avoid hyperinflation. We also can assume that if central banks have long track records of mismanaging economies, chances are that economic contractions will also occur under the ‘basic universal income’ scenario. People could also be drastically rationed in time of wars, which today politicians more or less promise to be perpetual.

The mainstream consensus equates ‘money-free’ to communism. As a matter of fact, cashless society will represent the merging of communism and fascism. Total servitude. Because people will depend on their elites’ authorization to do anything. The first wave of basic universal income will be cheered and hailed by the media. But as other waves follow, it will begin to represent barely enough to go by daily, eat and pay the rent, and be determined by the case. And most likely not be cumulative. Dreadful scenarios abound once freedom is forever gone. People still paying a mortgage could have their houses seized and be sent to live in some low income modules. However, the goal of this column is not to add another layer of stress but elaborating on the need to go money-free now!

It is a mind over matter issue: the mind (knowledge) is stronger that matter (money). Which is why, by the way, the Principle of Mentalism is regarded as the starting point of every action. Without the Mind there is no Creativity. And for Creativity to serve mankind first, society will have to recognize that chasing money like cavemen – as we now witness it – is leading us to our downfall. Time has come to redirect this Creativity, which freedom desperately needs for Humanity to aim at its cosmic immutable programing – and be finally in tune with Earth giving away everything free of charge. It is only when the Nurturing Principle is not monetized that we can expect long as lasting peace.

To learn about the Earth Custodians Movement, just go to: http://www.earthcustodians.net


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